GLOB~S | The Global Scope Lab

GLOB~S is a platform for multi-disciplinary collaboration among scholars, business managers, and policymakers to generate science-based evidence on the drivers and consequences of business internationalization and to translate such evidence into performance- and social-welfare enhancing solutions.

GLOB~S responds to the rise in the exposure of the average firm to uncertainty and risk in foreign markets in the form of shocks, such as political radicalization, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, technological accidents, and episodes of violent crime. The organizational ability to manage and learn from these shocks is a driver of competitive advantage and sustainability and we seek to design and implement projects and events to better understand and propagate such ability in the form of firm strategies, market practices, and public policy.


Luis Ballesteros, George Washington University, Co-Director

Heather Berry, George Washington University, Co-Director

Diego Antista, Google, Multiculturalism and Digital Strategy

Wenjie Chen, International Monetary Fund, Global Value Chains

Colleen Cunningham, London Business School, Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Aline Gatignon, The Wharton School, UPenn, NPO-Firm Collaboration

Oscar Ishizawa, The World Bank, Risk Management

Aseem Kaul, Carson School of Business, Minnesota, Company Scope and Strategy

Howard Kunreuther, The Wharton School, UPenn, Global Risk Management

Ray Mataloni, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Foreign Direct Investment and Trade

Rex Pingle, PMD International, Emerging Markets

Michael Useem, The Wharton School, UPenn, Cross-National Leadership and Governance

Laszlo Tihanyi, Mays Business School, Texas A&M, Organization Change and Adaptation