Appendices, Data, and Replication


Appendix and replication for “Institutional disruptions and the philanthropy of MNEs.”

Additional analyses, data description, and replication:

Appendix for “Loss aversion and the impact of corporate philanthropy on labor productivity“.


Measure of the economic importance of countries to multinational enterprises (MNEs).

This measure uses the proportion of total affiliates owned by the MNE in the affected country. It is adjusted by the MNE’s ownership percentage of each affiliate. For countries where the MNE has no operations, economic importance equals zero.

  • MNEs:
    • 1,891 largest companies by revenue as of December 2020 (worldwide)
    • 10,874 multiple-owner subsidiaries, 534,790 single-owner subsidiaries–all disambiguated by global ultimate owner
    • 63 countries of origin
    • Active and publicly listed
    • With revenues over USD$4.2 billion, median of USD$9.2 billion
    • Median total employees 24,500
    • All industries
  • Countries:
    • 129 countries
    • Income-level classified by low-income, lower-middle income, upper-middle income, and high-income

The data set is free for researchers with the following citation:

Luis Ballesteros, Catherine Magelssen (2021) Institutional Disruptions and the Philanthropy of Multinational Firms. Organization Science 0(0):null.