STR Virtual Dissertation Consortium

Job-Market Paper Breakout Groups

GroupMentorStudentJob Market Paper Title
1    Theresa ChoFranziska SumpHow Decision-based Incentives Shape Attention and Search: An Experimental Study on the Effect of Costs and Benefits
Ilaria OrlandiAccepting Stigma: Investigating Why Non-Stigmatized Firms Select Stigmatized Directors on Their Boards
Ingo MarquartUsing Semantic Networks to Identify the Meanings of Leadership
Shi TangCEO Temporal Ambivalence: The Dual Pathway to Ambidextrous Innovation
2    Ilya Cuypers  Andy El-ZayatyFounding Team Human Capital: Rhetoric Skills and Resource Acquisition
Cameron BorgholthausSetting the Tone to Get Their Way: An Attention-based Approach to How Narcissistic CEOs Influence the Board of Directors to Take More Risk
Cha LiKnowledge as a Driver of Evaluation Effectiveness in Organizations: A Multifaceted Approach
Sayan SarkarOne News, Many Views: Strategy, Investor Disagreement on Social Media, and Acquring Capital
3    Andrew Delios  Himanshu BhattWhen Heads Means Tails: Contingent Signaling Effects of Anti-mafia Interventions on MNEs’ Acquisitions in Italy
Jing DengLocating in the Center of Power: Washington, D.C. Headquarters as a Political Strategy
Michelle/Juan LiuSwitch Industry or Internationalize? Corporate Strategic Responses to Performance Feedback
Sergii NevmerzhytskyiExit, Voice and Problemistic Search: The Role of Shareholders in the Performance Feedback Mechanism
4    JP Eggers    Berk Can DenizExperimentation and Incrementalism: The Case of A/B Testing
Beverly RichAdoption or Acquisition? Examples from the Legal Technology Industry
Pengxiang ZhangManaging Complexity: Time Pacing of Product Innovation in the Mobile App Industry
Sourobh GhoshThink Before You Act: The Unintended Consequences of Inexpensive Business Experimentation
5    Javier Gimeno    Aldona KapacinskaiteSolutions Looking for Problems: Excess Resources and the Direction of Innovation
Daniel SandsThe Role of Third Parties in Value Creation and Capture: Why Receiving a Michelin Star may not be a Good Thing
Jung H. KwonPatent Renewals in Managing Intellectual Property Rights as Real Options
Roxanne JaffeCompetition, Firm Financial Pressure, and Expansion Timing: Evidence from the Micro-Mobility Industry
6    Ha Hoang    Anparasan MahalingamDecision Right Allocation and Platform Market Effectiveness: Evidence from Online P2P Lending
Julia BodnerEmployee Redeployment Patterns in Diversified Firms
Ramya MurthyThe Emergence of Digital Platform Ecosystems: A Problem-solving Perspective
Todd HallHierarchy Adaptation to IT Adoption
7  Florence Honore  Alina GrecuCompensating Wage Differentials: Why Companies with a History of Offshoring Have to Pay Wage Penalties for New Hires
Christopher SabelFrom Genealogy to Patchwork Family: The Influence of Multiple Parent Imprints on New Organizations’ Survival
Eunkwang SeoThe Effect of Internal Collaboration on Inventor Mobility: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Office Consolidation
8    Suresh Kotha    Miranda Welbourne EleazarWho Will Stay When Crisis Strikes? VC Projected Event Schemas on Ventures in Crisis
Peiyuan HuangIt’s Not You, It’s Me: Technological Learning and Investment Termination in Corporate Venture Capital
Yajing LiDo Firms’ Academic Publications Matter for Venture Capital Financing?
9  Elena Kulchina  Abraham SongThe Implications of State Business Incentives on Startups and Incumbent Firms
Jang Woo KimThe Impacts of Transportation Costs on Inventor Mobility, Knowledge Spillovers, and Regional Competitiveness Advantage
Wolf-Hendrik UhlbachExploring-by-Hiring: High-Skilled Migration as a Source of Exploration?
10    Toby Stuart  Benjamin KingCan Prosocial Incentives Change Willingness to Compete in Work Tasks?
Keith PenningtonVarying Serendipity Between Inventors
Lena SongCulture and Media Diversity: Historical Evidence from U.S. Radio Stations
Xirong ShenWinning Long and Far: The Impact of High-Impact Publications on the Generative Value of Inventions for General-Purpose Technology Firms
11    Dennis Yao    Dong Hyun ShinIs Conservatism Always Bad for the Environment? Exploring the Saliency of Community Conservatism on Facility Hazardous Pollution
Gauri SubramaniTry, try, try again? Persistence and the Gender Innovation Gap
Haram SeoIdeological Firms as Issue Entrepreneurs: Evidence from Corporate Giving to Contentious Issue Areas
Jian XuUnsolicited Justice: The Institutional Externality of FCPA Enforcement on Corruption and Investment