Luis Ballesteros

Assistant Professor

George Washington University

Bio Sketch

I hold a PhD in Applied Economics and Management from Wharton and degrees from the MIT and ITAM. Prior to joining academia, I worked with financial derivatives for two private banks and with policy instruments to finance catastrophic risk for two multilateral agencies. My research centers on the individual and institutional drivers of organizational decision making under uncertainty and the economic consequences of firm strategy. I am fascinated by what drives organizations to make specific choices in the face of large systemic disruptions that catapult ambiguity and environmental uncertainty such as the political unrest in Hong Kong in 2019, the fragmentation of economic systems like Brexit, the 2017 hurricanes in the U.S., the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and the rise in ethnic nationalism in Europe. I have studied the consequences of such decision making for firm performance and social welfare. Deciding under systemic risk and uncertainty shocks is in the essence of contemporary entrepreneurship and a driver of global competitiveness. What inherent risks does the firm face when expanding to a foreign market? What are the benefits and costs of taking market (e.g., investment in innovations) and non-market strategies (e.g., strategic philanthropy) to manage such risks? How such behavior will affect the relationship between the firm and key stakeholders? My research agenda centers on similar questions and the fundamental transformation that the business community is now undergoing in attention given to risk and uncertainty at the global level. I also co-direct, with Heather Berry, GLOB~S, a platform for multi-disciplinary collaboration among scholars, business managers, and policymakers to generate science-based evidence on the drivers and consequences of business internationalization and to translate such evidence into performance- and social-welfare enhancing solutions.

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